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Every stage of life has its own financial needs and concerns. The life events on this page can help you target the key financial strategies and issues that are likely to be most important to you in this stage of your life.   See a few of the many 'life events' we can help you with below....

Saving for College

Most folks have about a 15 year window in which to prepare for college.  Since you need to make the most of a short investing window, our experience is your benefit.


You’re showing up for work every day.  What about that time, not TOO far off, when you prefer to travel, spoil the grandkids and catch up your bucket list?  Your income sources may change, but your income needs are never more important.  We can help you estimate your needs in retirement and develop a plan to get you there—on purpose.


Beneficiaries have three basic choices.  To keep and use Original Medicare only, add supplemental insurance or to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Program.  The choice you make has a significant impact on your retirement spending. 

Beneficiary Designations

It’s important to continually monitor your beneficiary choices through various life events.  Make sure you know who’s in line to have what you’ve worked so hard to accumulate.

Social Security

For many Americans, Social Security is their ONLY retirement plan.  However, timing the onset of your Social Security Benefits is crucial to getting the most out of this important supplement to your retirement income.

Wealth Transfer

There are a number of ways for your inheritance to be distributed to those you love.  Take time to carefully consider what’s next when your earthly journey comes to an end.  Strategies implemented today will maximize the benefit for those you love and will provide you the opportunity to add value…for generations to come.

Long Term Care

At some point in their lives, the odds are most Americans will need some type of long term care benefit.  These costs can be significant and without the proper planning, can be damaging to your wealth.  Learn how to manage these risks while still focused on the ultimate goal of a successful retirement.

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